Ron White assists employers in the development of a proactive safety culture through management systems processes, including training.

Everyone in the workplace has a duty and a responsibility to do whatever they can to keep the work environment safe and environmentally friendly. Responsible parties must know and understand the hazards workers may be exposed to and necessary controls and protective measures to keep them safe. They should also understand how they fit in regarding quality, health, safety and environmental goals and objectives pertaining to their respective work environment and ensure their work-sites meet or exceed those expectations or requirements. Workers must do their part by participating in the development of the management systems and understanding and following appropriate safe work practices (procedures). Workers should be trained to identify hazards and take corrective action before tasks begin. If workers encounter unsafe or questionable working conditions, they should have Stop Work Authority (SWA) to prevent themselves and/or coworkers from getting injured. There should be a process for reporting unsafe working conditions to management promptly without fear of reprisal. Managers should listen to workers and effectively deal with worker concerns about quality, health, safety and environmental issues in an appropriate manner. This empowers workers to do their part to support a safe and environmentally sound workplace.

Ron White's subject matter experts or management system teams work closely with our clients to conduct workplace risk assessments (hazard identification and analysis), develop safe work practices (procedures) and train workers to understand the importance of work practices and encourage them to participate in ensuring the accuracy of the procedures and to embrace them. This can only be achieved with a high level of commitment from management and active engagement by the workers. Ultimately the goal is for workers to have the knowledge, skills, abilities and the determination to identify workplace hazards and/or unsafe working conditions and take necessary steps to eliminate those hazards or mitigate the potential outcomes. With 100+ years of combined quality, health, safety and environmental management system experience, Ron White helps employers meet the increasing demands of training and evaluating workers in order for the workers to safely perform duties assigned to them while also protecting the environment.