Core Training

Core Training is a customized training program covering health, safety and environmental matters developed specifically for each company based on the hazards their workers are regularly exposed to or likely to be exposed to. Core Training is conducted based on a facilitator / participant relationship as opposed to an instructor / student relationship. This training method takes advantage of the vast experiences and expertise of the participants sharing with each other. Engaging the participants supports an active training experience in lieu of a passive training experience. Face to face (F2F) facilitator / participant training is taught by professional facilitators with many years of experience developing and executing training programs. The active training environment increases retention of knowledge while empowering workers to actively intervene to ensure the safety, security and wellness of themselves and others. In addition to compliance with OSHA, MSHA, BSEE, USCG, DOT and other regulatory requirements, Ron White provides comprehensive training beyond just awareness level training. F2F facilitator / participant engagement with practical hands-on exercises are designed to build on common content and participant experiences. Onsite training is recommended and has proven to take advantage of opportunities to train workers regarding specific hazards and controls found in their workplace.

Core Training designed by experts with your workplace in mind helps ensure your employees are trained to work safely specific to hazards your workers may be exposed to and controls available in your workplace. Based on regulatory guidelines and accepted industry "best practices" and supported and recommended by employers, Core Training is a comprehensive and cost effective way to meet your training needs. Reach out to Ron White  at (337) 277-0031 or text  to (337) 207-0313 or email to inquire about a Core Training program that fits your worksite(s).