Center for Sustainable Shale Development Makes Fracking Sense

Fracking 3

The shale gas fracturing industry has really gotten a black eye from the media and environmentalist for good reason in some instances. Fortunately there is an organization founded in Appalachia called the Center for Sustainable Shale Development (CSSD) that is making a difference. The CSSD is a non-profit organization that has developed rigorous Performance Standards for sustainable shale development and a commitment to continuous improvement to ensure safe and environmentally responsible development of our abundant shale resources.The (CSSD) has developed 15 initial performance standards for operators that are protective of air quality, water resources and climate. These standards represent consensus on what is achievable and protective of human health and the environment. Communities that may have reservations about fracking in their backyard can trust that CSSD Certified energy companies are doing the right thing to protect those valuable natural resources we all embrace prior to and while engaging in fracking in their community. The Center for Sustainable Shale Development is an unprecedented collaboration built on constructive engagement among environmental organizations, philanthropic foundations and energy companies from across the Appalachian Basin and is being embraced throughout all the shale plays in the US and internationally. Energy companies seeking to receive CSSD Certification are audited by Bureau Veritas Certification one of the most renowned certification bodies in the world. Bureau  Veritas  has  55,000  employees  in  1,300  offices  located  in  140  countries.  The  company  is  a  global  leader  in  conformity  assessment  and  certification  services.  Bureau Veritas  offers  services  for  the  growing  challenges  of  quality,  safety,  environmental  protection  and  social  responsibility  and  is  recognized  and  accredited  by  major  national  and  international  organizations. The  company  works  to  reduce  risk,  improve  performance  and  promote  sustainable  development. For more information about CSSD and what they can do to protect human health and environmental quality in your community go online to To learn more about Bureau Veritas go to